Executive Coach Training


Executive Coach Training Resources for Becoming a Credentialed Executive Coach

Would you like to use your skills in a new and rewarding way? What do you know about executive coaching? Is it a good fit for you? What skills do you need to be a competent, confident, and effective executive coach? What does it take to make a successful transition to being an executive coach? How will you get clients? Will you make a handsome living? Would you like to know the path to become a credentialed executive coach? This website outlines the information you need to know to obtain accredited coach specific training and eventual independent credentialing. Dr. Jeffrey E. Auerbach, MCC, founder and President of the College of Executive Coaching, an International Coach Federation Accredited Coach Training Program, and his faculty have trained over two thousand professionals, assisting them in making the transition to executive coaching. Dr. Auerbach states that executive coaching is “a challenging and rewarding career path that leverages several of the core strengths held by professionals in related fields such as psychology, business, consulting, organizational development, and human resources, while also requiring significant learning of additional content and tools”.